When nature’s beauty brings tears to your eyes, tears ready, waiting to flow, as once more you must cope with the fear of the next rollercoaster. Cope with the exhaustion of having to endure, while hoping and praying you are still strong enough to do it again and come out alive, with a life worth living. The beauty of nature that makes you inhale a breath so deep it reminds you how lucky you are that your lungs still inflate and your heart still beats…Continue Reading “Gratitude”

This is a really interesting doc. In terms of energy, mood, healing ability, and prevention of toxic side effects,from personal experience I would have to agree. In terms of delaying cancer progression??? Then there’s the erectile dysfunction to consider 😉 I eat some animal products sometimes but I’m mostly plant based. Worth a look X https://www.documentaryarea.net/player.php?title=Food+Choices

What a fab spirit lifting, crispy sunny day. I had a lazy morning, but the sun lighting up my curtains wouldn’t leave me alone so up and out for a lovely 3 mile walk with my boy (Can’t afford to waste a day like today with so much rain about). Followed this with a fresh organic veggie juice, a green veggie pasta with a yummy creamy advocado, peanut sauce. I haven’t been feeling great in the last few months, back pain followed by radiotherapy followed…Continue Reading “Back in control”

  I’m bored so I’ve decided to do a hospital food/ catering critique of the 5 hospitals I’ve stayed in to date. I subsidize my hospital food with, fruit and nuts/ nutbutters, advocados,pukka clean Greens powder and food brought in by friends and family. I don’t believe there is very much healing in hospital food it’s usually overcooked and overprocessed! Breakfast is rubbish and the same in all hospitals Cereal or porridge with about 5 sachets of white sugar, white toast or McCambridge bread( whats…Continue Reading “Food matters”

Sorry, need a whinge, I’m tired emotional and scared. My very lovely roomate snores like a foghorn,I  got about 2 hours sleep last night. How seriously, how do they expect people to heal with this absolute shite they feed them. The lack of color for starters is incredible.This morning I was handed ( what I thought might be my dependable staple) microwaved porridge pickled with salt and of course the proverbial white toast. A fry up or a salad( ooh healthy) with plastic ham was…Continue Reading “Call this food”

  So I just thought I’d throw in a couple of before and after photos to let you see the transformation that occurred when I decided to change my diet and lifestyle. And to let you know it’s never too late. The first photo was taken in January 2013 soon after I was diagnosed, the second was taken in September 2015, 18kg lighter ( weight loss was not my primary objective), having just finished my 31st cycle of oral chemo and undergone a mastectomy earlier…Continue Reading “Before and after”

Barcelona Part I Not content to sit back and wait around for my next scan in three months, chemo and what comes after that, tired of waking up in terror in the middle of the night, and having seen too many people wait till they were too weak to try something different, I decided I needed to find something pronto. A friend of mine had mentioned Cannabis oil to me a couple of times, but I kind of dismissed it as it sounded, eh,  complicated….Continue Reading “Hunt for the Green Goddess”

  The thing is, if I said this stuff would keep you looking young and help you lose weight lots of people would probably be interested, but if I said it boosts your energy and immune system, aids healing, helps prevent certain diseases and could prolong your life? Such a shame that some good information will be ignored because of it’s source    It makes me so angry and sad that idiot celebrities have turned what I consider to be extremely beneficial nutritional advice into…Continue Reading “makes my lovely pure blood boil”

Prior to my cancer diagnosis I had always been overweight, broad and tall, sure I could carry it, they’d say. I was constantly yo-yoing, constantly on some diet or other. As for exercise, other than running around for work, which probably prevented me from being big as a house, it was otherwise non existent. Despite this I had experienced pretty good health and was never hospitalised. My diet though always carb heavy, varied depending on how busy I was at work and how much socialising…Continue Reading “Taking control”