So before the incredible Vera Twomey highlighted the potential benefits of medical Cannabis I was on my own secret quest. Secret because of the taboo surrounding it and my embarrassment to ask for some financial help for a drug most deemed unsuitable for ordinary decent people. I have been prescribed every opioids out there to alleviate the pain I have now started to experience. Drugs known to claim lives, and from which the states is now experiencing an addiction epidemic. While it may not work for everyone and I am fully aware of the potential psychotic risks associated with cannabis, surely we need more research on pure, raw, regulated plant. Maybe then we can prevent people from buying dirty drugs laced with all kinds of crap from dealers on the street. We have finally voted to look after the women of our country, but are still forcing our desperate and dying to not only travel but move abroad for alternative options.Turning ordinary decent people into criminals. Here’s the start of my journey 2015.