Sorry, need a whinge, I’m tired emotional and scared. My very lovely roomate snores like a foghorn,I  got about 2 hours sleep last night. How seriously, how do they expect people to heal with this absolute shite they feed them. The lack of color for starters is incredible.This morning I was handed ( what I thought might be my dependable staple) microwaved porridge pickled with salt and of course the proverbial white toast. A fry up or a salad( ooh healthy) with plastic ham was on the menu last night and I was given a vegetarian option of Mac and cheese or spring rolls( ??) for dinner. I have yet to see anything green and am scared to think what it might be if I do. Oh wait , got very excited when I saw a spinach and feta pastry on the menu. I should have know not to get my hopes up. This is it, more black than green, nuked till it doesn’t even resemble something edible. I eat their veg and an odd egg here and there and subsidise with my own stuff. My lovely sister brought me in the most wonderful homemade soup last night. What is wrong with us seriously. Wanna go home 😷

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