So I just thought I’d throw in a couple of before and after photos to let you see the transformation that occurred when I decided to change my diet and lifestyle. And to let you know it’s never too late. The first photo was taken in January 2013 soon after I was diagnosed, the second was taken in September 2015, 18kg lighter ( weight loss was not my primary objective), having just finished my 31st cycle of oral chemo and undergone a mastectomy earlier that year. I can honestly say I feel great, my energy levels are normal, my initial menopausal symptoms although strong were short lived. In hindsight I did experience some chemo brain , but no nausea or mouth sores and my bloods are generally good.

I have a big appetite so I eat lots but as it is now mostly plant based I’ve stopped yo-yoing. On top of changing my diet my four legged friend had turned up and I am now walking at least 15 miles a week. So yeah I will never know if these changes haveĀ  made a real difference, did it slow things down, boost my immune system??? But either way what it has done is allow me to live a normal life, I look way too healthy to possibly have cancer. It has made me feel strong and in control and mentally capable of riding the rollercoaster. It has also protected my family and friends, the premise being I look great so I must be doing great. I believe it has made a huge difference, sure it takes effort, but for me it is no great sacrifice for feeling this good. I’m no saint, I love my food, but this is about staying alive, so I do my best most of the time.

Research Shows That a Healthy Diet Will Slow or Stop Most Cancers

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