Barcelona Part I

Not content to sit back and wait around for my next scan in three months, chemo and what comes after that, tired of waking up in terror in the middle of the night, and having seen too many people wait till they were too weak to try something different, I decided I needed to find something pronto. A friend of mine had mentioned Cannabis oil to me a couple of times, but I kind of dismissed it as it sounded, eh,  complicated. In my desperation I decided  maybe I should look into it, So three weeks ago I started to research like a lunatic, morning, noon and night, till I looked like some kind of strung out junkie (pardon the pun). I had a couple of contacts for reputable suppliers of high quality raw material, but I needed it ASAP and that wasn’t possible, plus even if I could get it I still had to make the Oil.

An apparently fairly simple, but delicate procedure that required using solvents, and came with a slight risk of blowing up the house.

Na, not for me, I never really got into Breaking Bad, a bit too Murphy’s Law for my liking. I’m desperate but intrinsically, I’m a good girl, I am.

Time is running out and from the research I’ve done it seems an intensive and potentially curative protocol takes 90 days of high grade oil, it’s not looking like I’ll find this in Ireland, so I start looking abroad, the Netherlands being my first obvious port of call. But in order to obtain high quality regulated cannabis for medical purposes you need a Doctors request to get a kind of medical card and they only dispense so much at a time. This wouldn’t work for me I wasn’t interested in palliative quantities, if I was going to do this I might as well give it a real shot and go for high doses.OMG I can’t believe I’m even considering this.

I’m starting to feel like its hopeless when I come across something called Cannabis Social Clubs in Spain. While not legal they are membership based clubs that provide their clients with a safe place to purchase and consume high quality Cannabis for both recreational and bingo, medicinal use. So, maybe I need to go to Spain for a couple of months, how the hell much is all this going to cost, can I seriously do this. It never even occurred to me to try and bring the oil  into the country, apart from the fact my poker face really isn’t up to scratch, I’m dying I don’t really care If I’m arrested, but I’m not willing to risk having it confiscated.

Sweet devine jasus ,who am I and where’s the big girl’s blouse gone.

Suddenly I’m dreaming of a couple of months by the sea in southern Spain, eh, Chilin. Some of the clubs have waiting lists or require an existing member to sponsor a new one, (Shit I’m too old for this, should have smoked more in college) and not all the clubs have Oil. Having made contact, several recommendations finally lead me to a Club in Barcelona that does. The club is only contactable via Facebook, I message them my story and request information about their oil. With so much reference to medical use I stupidly think maybe they have some sort of medical assist. It feels like an eternity before they get back to me and even then they are so vague, I ask more questions, but they go unanswered and I am given the following instructions to come to the club and not to worry. What the hell am I doing?

If you wish to join, you must complete full membership registration. You must,

1.Be 18 years old +

2.Bring Valid ID

3. Pay 40 for annual membership fee per person

4.Come any time from 13.30 to 20.30

5.Complete a quick Interview (5 min)

Before coming,  your membership application may be rejected if you fail to comply to any of the following.

1. Don’t show up with visitors; only come with people that will join the club.

2. Don’t leave anyone waiting inside or around the building.

3.  We don’t offer short term membership. Don’t request for discounts.

4.  Don’t speak to strangers on the street.

Barking? maybe, desperate? abso-bloody-lutely, so I’ve booked my flight and on Monday I’m heading off to Barcelona on my quest. I’ve told a couple of close friends  my intentions, and incredibly they have all been very supportive. So unless I’m robbed and murdered, or I run off with a dishy Spanish drug dealer, I’ll be in touch soon. x

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