Prior to my cancer diagnosis I had always been overweight, broad and tall, sure I could carry it, they’d say. I was constantly yo-yoing, constantly on some diet or other. As for exercise, other than running around for work, which probably prevented me from being big as a house, it was otherwise non existent. Despite this I had experienced pretty good health and was never hospitalised. My diet though always carb heavy, varied depending on how busy I was at work and how much socialising I was doing . I definitely comfort ate and rewarded myself with food. too. I enjoyed cooking, loved fish and veg and could take or leave meat, but I ate way too much, and like most people I knew at that time, binge drank. I also smoked up until a few years before diagnosis.

Current scientific research would also lead me to believe it’s possible that my weight and the fact that I was childless may very well have contributed to my estrogen positive cancer diagnosis.There may also have been another factor, I had been working towards opening a tearoom business which lead to a much greater consumption of sugar ( known to feed cancer) in the previous few years. My genes may have played a part, although not in my immediate there is breast cancer in my family. Of course this is just me, making wild assumptions, who knows. My Consultant Radiation Oncologist one of the few medical professionals to even entertain discussing food and lifestyle, believes that cancer among young people is becoming an epidemic. Once a disease mainly  effecting  older people in his opinion  food and the environment can only have a part to play.

I believe that the food you feed your body plays a huge part in your overall health, how could it not. People have very busy lives, most people don’t know what it is they are actually eating, many don’t want to,  change can be a huge inconvenience, take a lot of time and effort and is often considered too costly. For some people even surgery is more preferable than dietary or lifestyle changes. Unfortunately as in my case it often takes a serious illness to give us a wakeup call. Having Stage IV breast cancer  you might say I am ‘closing the stable door after the horse had bolted’,this rotten disease has stripped me of so much, I need to feel like I at least tried.This is the one area where I can exercise some control. Barring some kind of miracle, maybe I can at least prolong my life and give myself a new focus to boot.

Once again I don’t claim to be any kind of expert, through my own research this is the path I chose to take, I also believe it is hugely important to listen to your body.

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