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The thing is, if I said this stuff would keep you looking young and help you lose weight lots of people would probably be interested, but if I said it boosts your energy and immune system, aids healing, helps prevent certain diseases and could prolong your life?

Such a shame that some good information will be ignored because of it’s source 


It makes me so angry and sad that idiot celebrities have turned what I consider to be extremely beneficial nutritional advice into fads by abusing it and focusing on how it affects our appearance rather than our health.

Like the morons who have replaced food with juice cos they’ve heard it’s healthy and it keeps them slim. So now they are getting no fibre and too much sugar, ARGH!

It’s all very well jumping on the band wagon and dismissing this information because it comes from people we just love to slag off, but most people don’t want to go to the trouble of changing their diet or lifestyle, it requires too much time and effort.

It is too much of an inconvenience and many even consider surgery preferable.

Most doctors have very little training in nutrition and there is little concrete evidence because there is very little research due to lack of funding. Drugs are much more lucrative.

As someone who has lived with stage IV breast cancer for nearly 3 years, having endured 29 cycles of chemo (which will continue for the duration of my life), 2 weeks of radiotherapy, and surgery, I believe changing my diet has helped me to retain my energy and fight off most of the side effects. Having done extensive research I adhere to a mainly vegan, wheat and gluten free diet and feel the effects almost immediately if I deviate. I am no fan of Rosanna Davison (Eat Yourself Beautiful, serious;y FFS), but I believe food plays a much greater part in health than people realise. Just think of all the crap, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics etc. that is pumped into our food these days and the increased incidence of many diseases. While my doctors often comment on how well I am considering my condition not one of them has bothered to ask me what I am doing to help myself, surely this matters and might help other patients.

I challenge people who are quick to dismiss, to adapt a vegan or even gluten free diet for a couple of months and see how you feel. Food matters.


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