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So from the research I did it would seem that an organic plant based diet would be my best option(yeah I know there’s an egg on the plate, I’m not quite there yet). Good job I’ve always loved my veggies. I got rid of my microwave, have stopped using anything from a tin and processed foods in general. I can take or leave meat, but I am a real bread fiend and love my cheese. My aim is to to eliminate

wheat, meat,dairy and sugar

no mean feat as there seems to be wheat and sugar in everything and did you know there is milk powder in crisps? If I stick to a clean diet I should be able to avoid them.

So’ll I’ll just outline my main reasons for choosing to avoid these foods.

1.Plants contain compounds that are said to  boost the immune system and protect the body from cancer progression  and treatment side effects.

2. Apparently cancer thrives in an acidic environment and the above foods create just that.

3. Most meat contains antibiotics and growth hormones like estrogen and testosterone, my cancer is estrogen fed. Then there is also the consideration of what the animals are eating, Gmo products ?

4. Cows milk is for calves, it contains all the hormones a healthy CALF  needs to grow, plus all the above.


5. Sugar and cancer link.

New research is revealing that sugar not only feeds existing cancer but is very possibly a factor in the cause of many.

6. Maintaining a healthy weight is easier Plant based.

6. Typical western diets high in fats and sugar are tough on the body especially the liver as they require so much energy to process.

The body is battling so hard anyway with the cancer and the treatments, plant based foods are lighter and easier to digest. I figure since I’ve had cancer in my liver I’ll give it a break and adopt this type of diet, I very rarely drink now either. I would much rather conserve as much energy as possible for living my life while protecting myself and hopefully increasing my longevity.









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