Before my diagnosis already suspecting the worst, I had confided in a close friend that I was afraid there wouldn’t be enough for me to fight for. I was jobless, almost homeless, partnerless, childless and now potentially breastless. I had floated through life and never really fought for anything. Anything I achieved seemed to be by accident, I was so focused on myself and what I didn’t have, I had little to give anyone else.

It seems the most remarkable thing to happen in my life so far is this cancer. I feel like I’ve been given a second chance, a do over, an opportunity to learn and achieve something useful with my life. I also feel a weird sense of peace and resignation that many things are out of my hands now, I have to go with the flow, take it one day at a time. have faith I guess.

The love and support shown to me over the last few days the tears and laughter shared, thats what I am fighting for, the important stuff, the stuff that really matters. X

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