When I was first diagnosed with cancer on the advice of my  counselor, I created two imaginary boxes ( you can use real ones if you like). One for all the things I could no longer  have thanks to cancer, and one for the things I still could. In the first box I put my baby, my business, my long haul flights ( clot risks?), my year in the jungle (never a realistic option anyway, the bloody moises would have eaten me alive), living abroad ( still possible, but without a support system and trying to navigate in a foreign language?)

In the other box, I put wonderful friends and family, my independance, my ability to drive (for now), my lovely home, small adventures and short holidays, concerts, dancing, as much life and activity as I can pack in, and my new braver nothing  to lose attitude. As time passed I also chucked in my energy, my positivity and a self awareness and appreciation I’d never known before.

I know that over time my world will become smaller my abilities reduced, and the first box will outweigh the second, but for now I keep it out of sight and concentrate on what I can have and  it’s not too shabby.

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