What Barcelona has thought me

Categories Giving Fear The Finger, Musings

1.If you ask for help you will most likely get it. People can be very kind and generous if you ask.

2.When you are brave and open hearted amazing things canĀ  happen and incredible people can walk into your life.

3.We all have an energy/a vibration that attracts similar souls.

4.You don’t have to know people very long for them to become part of your tribe.

5.I am truly blessed, I have incredible friends and now finally accept that this is a reflection of me.

6.I have a heart full of love and I’m not afraid to share it anymore.

7.Sunshine (and dogs) makes you happier.

8.People work too hard and get too bogged down in shit.

9.Simplifying my life makes me happier, we really don’t need as much as we think.

10.Travel is exhilarating and I believe healing.

11.I have a way of making people talk

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