I guess I’ve made my decision, I looked at wigs today, I’m not happy about it, I wish we had better treatment options.

It wasn’t as bad as  I expected (I didn’t howl), but I’m really struggling with this one, because it’s not temporary, when it’s gone it’s gone, thats it. But here we go, the first pic top left  is the real deal, the next two are my favourites so far, just checking styles not necessarily colours although who knows? Quite fancy myself as a red head lol.

I don’t want to do this but rather than wait till the last minute and have to pick something in a hurry (and in a state), I have decided to get in early and choose something I might actually wear. Here’s what I’ve learned. Wigs are expensive, the ones I was interested in started at around  €500 for a good quality hand tied synthetic monofilament. Monofilament wigs consist of a sheer base with hand tied hair, so you can part the hair in any direction.They  are considered to be the most versatile and natural looking and can  still be styled using some heat. The ends on these wigs especially on longer wigs that hit your collar or shoulders tend to get fuzzy from friction.

Real hair wigs are much more expensive and can run into thousands. They can be styled exactly like normal hair and even dyed. Since I had heard that wigs can be very hot and itchy to wear, I had decided  that I would go for a lighter, shorter style. My own hair is naturally very thick and I tend to wear it up a lot anyway. I am seriously low maintainance when it comes to my hair,I haven’t owned a hairdryer in over 10 years,  I probably don’t go to the hairdressers more than 3 times a year. So this coupled with the cost factor ( if you are on benefits you get one wig to the value of around €450/€500 per year, although having 2 at the same time is generally recommended) meant I only looked at synthetic wigs.

The wigs are generally quiet good and if you get the right supplier/hairdresser they can do any extra styling necessary. So despite trying to be practical about it all when it came down to it, I actually preferred a slightly longer, fuller wig it made me feel more like me (top row, centre). I don’t like seeing the mesh hairline so I preferred a side fringe.The  other benefit of a longer wig is that it can be restyled shorter once or twice when the ends start to get frizzy.




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