On Monday I paid a very important visit to the hairdressers, this is probably my last ‘Do’, bar maybe having my head shaved. Yesterday I got the results of my scan and as I expected the cancer has progressed, in my lung (which now has some fluid and is causing me discomfort) and in my ribs. I have been having some problems with my left hip so they have ordered a bone scan too. I have two options, hormone treatment which they suspect could be less effective but if it worked would give me a better quality of life and allow me to keep my hair for now OR IV Chemo which will require a port, cause rapid hair loss and potentially debilitating side effects but could be more effective on the Cancer. As I will require treatment for the rest of my life once its gone I won’t really have hair again. This is a very Important ‘Do’. Xx Tired and emotional,but oh what a beautiful morning, Kitty. (Ps I have a right sided head tilt which apparently means I am more trustworthy! So there lol)

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