Oh my good god, well I guess it is April fools day after all. So I arrive in Dublin at the crack of dawn and wait around half the day to have a pericardiocentesis, a painfull sounding procedure that involves putting a tube in the chest to drain fluid from the heart while semi – conscious and using an echo machine.
I’m on the opperating table have just been given sedation when they examine the screen and see that there is no extra fluid and I don’t need the procedure!!!!!!!!. This can change quite quickly though, so they are keeping me here in James’s for observation and to check again in the morning.

Jaysus the stress, it’s enough to give ya a feckin heartattack( ok maybe thats tempting faith a bit, lol). Now wouldn’t it be lovely if the same applied to the lungs. Exhausted but relieved Kitty😷

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