So i’m on the move again, a bit of a nomad at the min, not sure it is my natural state, I like somewhere to lay my hat and all my other rubbish lol. Still in hostel/apartments, double room, with kitchen, cheap,clean, safe,convenient, really quiet but this one is so dark and grim. Next one I have a balcony and a street view!! I could nearly spend the whole time flitting from one place to another. Sometimes I wonder what the hell am I doing here on my own in Barcelona at this time of year. It can be a challenge at times, especially sitting in that dark cell, but then I remember what I’ve been through, what I am capable of and the great big warm open heart beating inside me and I know I can do this. The sun is shining and I’m off to explore and deliver the gravy granuels and the barry’s tea to my potential Irish landlady. (Yes I know I can’t spell and my grammer is shite). I choose to be happy, love yez. Kitty¬†😼😼😼💜

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