Rest in peace Stefanie LaRue

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12 years living with Metastatic breast cancer and working to spread awareness.I’ve been following this woman’s progress, because that’s what you do,

you find someone who has lived for a long time,someone who has completely defied all the odds.

She lived more than 3 times the average expectancy and considering she was diagnosed at 30, and young patients tend to have a much shorter survival time, she was amazing.But she died, aged 42, having spent what should have been the best years of her life, fighting a losing battle to stay alive!
Yet 12 years is something to aspire to, If I’m very lucky I’ll make it to 50 in 4 years time, that will be 9. I just got good scan results, I should be happy, is the cancer gone, am I cured, am I going to live a full life, no. I once attended a cancer conference where a social worker applauded stage 4 patients who where 1, 2, 3,4 5 plus years into diagnosis. It made me furious, we were supposed to be grateful. And I am, I strive every day to look after myself,to stay positive and live the best life I can, but sometimes it’s hard with this kind of death sentence hanging over you.


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