So last Tuesday I had a port (a small device inserted under the skin in the upper chest attached to a tube that connects to a vein in the neck) inserted under local anaesthetic. It’s not a very nice procedure that involves a lot of tugging and pressure to the area. So I’m thinking since I’ve had surgery on the right, with several skin lesions on the site and several fragile ribs it might be better if they put it on the left. I sign for the procedure and express this concern to every nurse and doctor I meet, but none of them examine me. Once in theatre all my pre-checks are done on the right, I repeatedly express my concerns but still I am prepped for the right and am abruptly told by a junior doctor that I signed to have it done there, which I did not. At this stage I am getting distressed when thankfully the lead doctor comes in askes me which side I’ve had surgery, then announces the port will be inserted on the left to which all I can hear is tutting and sighing because the equipment has to be switched around! Jesus H christ what chance do less vocal,anesthetized patients have if for the sake of a ten minute turnaround they were willing to cause me unnecessary distress and perform a procedure that could have had all kinds of consequences?????

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