Being the stubborn yoke that I am I went online and I found another option.It’s only available here on a trial bases and I’m not eligible for that trial, but my oncologist thinks she can get it on compassionate request. A few weeks ago I could hardly breath and chemo seemed like my best option and as the cancer was in my scull too I was really concerned about my brain.
According to my oncologist cancer to the brain usually spreads from the blood not from the scull, and since I am so good again now she thinks it’s definitely worth giving Palbo a shot and will give me more options down the line. It still comes with a plethora of potential side effects similar to chemo, but it is oral which hopefully means less hospital time and more freedom and I might just hold on to my hair.Ultimately the decision is mine, so please god it will work, and work for a long time. Jasus, me nerves, now dear god I would just like a bit of peace to live X

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