Today I had a bone scan, horrible radioactive things. It was cancelled last week cos the machine was down and nearly didn’t happen today either for the same reason. As we waited ( about 8 hrs give or take) I got talking to this young woman, unfortunately when you are in this godforsaken game a while you start to recognise some of the signs.Restlessness, a look, nervous joke cracking, and you know there is something up, and it’s new and raw. A young mum it turns out, newly diagnosed. So one minute you are getting on with your life and the next you get diagnosed with this cursed disease,then there’s the CT and the Bone Scan to make sure it hasn’t spread and is still curable and ironically you find yourself hoping that it’s Only Breast Cancer…….. and I really, really, please god, hope for her that’s what it is.
Xxx Kitty

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