Today was not a good day, at 5am this morning having been coughing and wheezing so hard all night that I ached everywhere and was completely exhausted. I relented and took half a sleeping tablet. I wasn’t even going to take that prescription, but my GP said they might be usefull. I got some sleep and went to the Doc this afternoon. She thinks I may have another infection, or the lung may have filled up again?I need an X-ray to confirm.She gave me a prescription for antibiotics (my third round,2 IV, in a month). I may be admitted again the weekend. I have so many drugs now, at least 9 different types, mostly to deal with the side effects of the previous one! I’m still sitting here having a green juice, berating myself for being an idiot, I wanted to do this my way and to an extent I kinda have , but between the cancer the drugs and the surgeries I feel like my Immune system has been wiped out. I’m too tired to fight this rotten b……. today.😢

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