Survival rates on the rise???????

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Yearly Deaths From Breast Cancer In Ireland 2005-20014
( from the Central Statistics Office)

2005 – 696
2006 – 678
2007 – 614
2008 – 742
2009 – 665
2010 – 659
2011 – 697
2012 – 698
2013 – 718
2014 – 722

We are constantly being told that survivor rates for breast cancer are on the rise. This is only true in the sense that more women are being diagnosed, and diagnosed early enough to survive 5 YEARS. Those of us diagnosed with stage IV, metastatic or advanced breast cancer are more or less written off. We aren’t even counted and are barely acknowledged in Pink October. At least 30% of us diagnosed early will go on to reoccur and eventually die from our disease. As little as 4% of all charity money raised is reported to go into the research of Stage IV breast cancer ‘THE ONE THAT KILLS’. While you run we continue to die, do you know where your money goes.

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